HealthMarkets Reviews

Don't take our word for it. Read about a few of our happy customers in these HealthMarkets reviews.

HealthMarkets found a plan that covered our needs and was hundreds less than our old plan.

Daisy from Hanover, NH

I needed clear, unbiased advice and I got it from HealthMarkets.

Nick from Intervale, NH

So happy to have been presented with affordable medical insurance that fits my needs.

Kathy from Oak Hills, CA

My HealthMarkets agent explained the pros and cons of each policy in easy to understand terms. I was pleased with his follow up and the ease of getting all the paperwork done.

Sue from Truckee, CA

When we became eligible for Medicare we were overwhelmed. I called HealthMarkets and the agent helped us find the right plan.

Britt from Elkhart, IN

My HealthMarkets agent explained my options and helped me make a solid choice for my Medicare coverage.

Judy from San Diego, CA

The HealthMarkets agent came to my house and discussed all aspects of my Medicare options.

Kenny from San Marcos, CA

I purchased health and supplemental insurance and the experience was wonderful!

Donna from Jasper, GA

Our HealthMarkets agent was excellent. She explained our Medicare choices and followed up at every level.

Leon from La Jolla, CA

I requested a health insurance quote and received a phone call back. The agent answered all my questions and found the best plan for me. He was never in a rush and made sure all of my questions were answered.

Tricia from Tulelake, CA

My HealthMarkets agent helped enroll us in a Medicare Advantage plan that has saved us money on our prescriptions and gave us peace of mind if we should need to go to the hospital or ER.

Charlie from LaCygne, KS


I purchased a supplemental accident plan and then had an accident that required me to go to the ER and miss two days of work. I received a check for $1,000.00 eight days after I submitted my claim. This will not only help me pay my co-pay but also cover my lost wages.

Jarvis from Atlanta, GA

My HealthMarkets agent helped me get a supplemental accident plan. Fortunately I haven’t had to use the insurance but it really gives me peace of mind because of the type of work I do.

Jim from Lee’s Summit, MO

With HealthMarkets, we received a personal consultation before buying, assistance with understanding available options, and guidance and recommendations to help us get the most out of our insurance.

DJ from Eureka, CA

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