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In Mississippi, as in the rest of the country, the Affordable Care Act—you likely know it as Obamacare—has made changes to the health insurance industry intended to offer most Americans lower-cost healthcare, in part by offering subsidized insurance plans. If you’re looking for affordable healthcare, you’re probably looking for one of these plans.

Get Affordable Healthcare in Mississippi

Here’s how it works: a government exchange called the Health Insurance Marketplace offers health insurance plans that are federally subsidized. These subsidies are often issued in the form of tax credits and have the effect of reducing your overall insurance premiums. If you qualify for a subsidized plan based on your income, your insurance premiums will likely be lower.

And here’s the thing about Mississippi: if you apply for one of these plans in Mississippi, you really may qualify for a tax credit. In 2014, 94% of the individuals in Mississippi who applied for plans through the federal exchange selected plans that included tax credits. And, even better, Mississippi’s average individual premium cost after tax credits was only $23. That was the lowest in the nation.

In order to qualify for subsidized healthcare, you need to apply for it. And most Americans have to apply for it during what’s called the Open Enrollment Period. That’s the window of time during which you can enroll in a healthcare plan under the Affordable Care Act. Open Enrollment is from November 1st, 2015, to January 31st, 2016. 

But How Do I Enroll in a Plan?

At HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, we specialize in connecting you with affordable health plans that meet your needs, and we can do it very quickly. With HealthMarkets’ online tool, you can find out whether or not you qualify for subsidies and start selecting an insurance policy within minutes. We offer plans from more than 180 carriers all across the country, including Mississippi. You’ll find a competitive selection, and that’s a good thing—more competition means better prices for you. But better yet, you’ll have access to guidance from our thousands of expert, licensed agents.

Subsidized plans come in many different shapes and sizes. Which one is best for you? Find out, sign up, and stay in good working order with HealthMarkets. You’ll be enjoying those drives to the countryside for years to come.

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