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Since 2010, we've helped families across America enroll in over 2 million policies. Our knowledgeable, licensed agents work with a diverse network of over 180 insurance companies nationwide to provide a wide selection of policy options for families in Nevada to choose the right one for them.

How the ACA Made Affordable Nevada Health Insurance

Families across Nevada state, including in Las Vegas, have better access to affordable health care due to the new healthcare laws brought by the Affordable Care Act (also known as "Obamacare" or the ACA). 

According to the HHS, residents using a health insurance marketplace in Nevada have experienced many benefits from these laws. "After the first open enrollment, 45,390 residents of Nevada gained access to health care. A large majority of those residents (82 percent) received financial assistance for their health care. Under the new ACA laws, Nevada received $90.773,768 to improve health care in Nevada."

One of the many benefits that has contributed to better access to health care in Nevada is the four metal levels of coverage, or "metal levels." Depending on which metal level you choose, how much you pay in monthly premiums may determine how much coverage your health insurance provider will give — unless your family qualifies for a subsidy

The four metal levels include:

  1. Bronze: 60% coverage from your health insurance provider, 40% left for you to pay.
  2. Silver: 70% coverage from your health insurance provider, 30% left for you to pay.
  3. Gold: 80% coverage from your health insurance provider, 20% left for you to pay.
  4. Platinum: 90% coverage from your health insurance provider, 10% left for you to pay.

For young or generally healthy Nevada individuals, you may find that a catastrophe plan can work with your budgeting needs. According to Bankrate, "primarily reserved for people younger than 30, the Affordable Care Act's catastrophic plans cover three annual primary care visits and preventive services at no cost, including disease screenings and vaccinations."

This means that you can pay a lower monthly premium than a Bronze plan and get less coverage when you do receive health care during an emergency. However, if you are young and in good health, this can be beneficial for Nevada students or young adults enrolling in their own health plan.

HealthMarkets Helps Las Vegas Residents Find Health Care 

No matter what metal level fits your needs, HealthMarkets can help you save time and money by finding the right plan for you. Our free matching service compares your needs and what you can afford to the policies offered by more than 180 health insurance providers nationwide.

In a matter of minutes we can match you to the coverage that works best for you and your budget. Give us a call today at (800) 360-1402 to find the affordable health insurance in Las Vegas that fits your needs.





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