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The Affordable Care Act Brings Affordable Health Care to You

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The Affordable Care Act, also commonly known as the ACA or Obamacare, is the healthcare reform law that was passed in 2010 to help ensure that quality, affordable health care is available to all Americans, regardless of income level or pre-existing conditions. Here's how the healthcare law attempts to accomplish this goal:

  1. Low-income people may receive subsidies (assistance) to make health insurance premiums more affordable.
  2. Those with low incomes may also qualify for catastrophic health insurance or a government insurance program, such as Medicaid and CHIP.
  3. Insurance policies cannot have caps on coverage, including yearly or lifetime caps.
  4. No one can be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition.
  5. Most preventative care, such as a physical or screening, may be completely covered by your insurance plan.

Most citizens who do not enroll for a healthcare plan may face an annual tax penalty. That's why it is imperative for you to call HealthMarkets, speak with one of our thousands of representatives, and enroll in affordable, comprehensive health coverage.

Affordable Health Insurance: Florida

Because of the ACA, Florida residents were able to have access to affordable health insurance. Here are the statistics to show how effective these laws were in cities across Florida, including in Orlando:

  • Before the ACA, more than 3.8 million Floridians were uninsured in 2013. 
  • More than 1.3 million Florida residents (6.5% of population) signed up for health insurance for the 2015 coverage period.
  • Of this, 36,646 people either enrolled in health insurance for the first time or were re-enrolling in their existing coverage.
  • Many cities in Florida still have some of the highest number of people who are uninsured, including Orlando, FL, which has an uninsured population of 23%.

How the Health Insurance Marketplace Helped FL Residents

The state of Florida had the option to create a state-based insurance exchange, but decided to stick with using the federal marketplace or opt for using a private exchange, such as HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. Through these marketplaces, you can compare options in four health plan tiers, or you may qualify for catastrophic health insurance. Once out-of-pocket costs are paid, such as a deductible or copayment, here's what each plan may cover:

  • Bronze: Health insurance could pay 60% of medical costs.
  • Silver: Health insurance could pay 70% of medical costs.
  • Gold: Health insurance could pay 80% of medical costs.
  • Platinum: Health insurance could pay 90% of medical costs.
  • Catastrophic: Health insurance could pay all medical costs only after the deductible is reached.

With so many options available to protect you and your family, why shop for health insurance alone? When you contact HealthMarkets, you'll have a number of resources available to you to help you know what to look for in health coverage.

Since 2010, HealthMarkets has helped Americans enroll in more than 4 million insurance policies. We have the expertise you need to find affordable healthcare in Orlando, FL. Call us today at (800) 360-1402 or request a quote online. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook.


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