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Have you ever stopped to think about why Los Angeles is called the “City of Angels?” It’s actually pretty simple. “Los Ángeles” translated from Spanish to English means “The Angels.” You may not think this has much significance for you, but it sure has meaning for all of us here at HealthMarkets. When it comes to helping you find affordable health plans in Los Angeles, California, we like to think of ourselves as your guardian angels. Since 2010, we’ve helped Americans enroll in more than 4 million insurance policies. How did we accomplish this? We created a portfolio of products from more than 180 insurance carriers recognized nationwide.

Finding Affordable Health Insurance in The City of Angels

Whatever your budget, we’ll make sure you get the health plan you need to stay healthy. It’s especially easy in L.A. to find out what the most affordable health plans are for your unique situation. That’s because the state of California has you covered, literally, through Covered California. This is California’s health insurance marketplace, and it can help you discover which affordable health plans are available to you. Through this website, you can do the following:

  1. Find out if you qualify for any low-cost or free government-run health insurance plans, such as Medicaid and CHIP coverage.
  2. Learn more about your eligibility to receive catastrophic health insurance, which is a type of affordable health plan for those under 30 or those who qualify for hardship exemptions. This insurance protects you against worst-case scenarios.
  3. Choose among the remaining categories of healthcare plans if you don’t qualify for low-cost or free insurance. These categories are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

How Does my State Exchange Compare to HealthMarkets?

So what should your first step be in finding affordable health plans in Los Angeles, California? Trust your guardian angels at HealthMarkets! Our licensed, knowledgeable agents are available to talk to you 24/7. As an industry leader, it’s our goal to always provide high-quality service to every customer. All you need to do is provide us with some quick information about yourself, including your budget, and we’ll do the rest! There are plenty of affordable health plans in Los Angeles, California. Let us help you find them! Speak with a licensed HealthMarkets agent near you by giving us a call right now.


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