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We’ve got some questions for you. Just how affordable do you think healthcare is in Ohio? Many Ohio residents signed up for affordable healthcare last year under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. That means they signed up for subsidized plans. Depending on their income, these plans may have been able to save Ohio residents money by giving them tax credits to offset their health insurance premiums. So how much money did Ohio residents save? Are you ready to guess?

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How Affordable was Healthcare in Ohio in 2014?

Okay. For your first question of the day, listen carefully. Q. By what percentage, on average, were Ohio individuals’ premiums reduced when they signed up for Obamacare plans? A. By 67%! Ooh, you were so close! You lowballed it, though. Okay, here’s another shot… Q. How much per month did the average Ohioan save on Obamacare insurance premiums in 2014? A. $250 dollars! Still not quite on the money? Here’s one last shot. Q. What percentage of Ohioan individual plans bought under the ACA were subsidized in 2014? A. 84%!

How Do I Get Affordable Healthcare?

Well, first off — you hurry! The show must go on, and it’s already started. Most Americans will need to enroll in affordable healthcare plans during the Open Enrollment Period, or the time during which most Americans may access these plans. The Open Enrollment Period is usually open from November to January or February (e.g. from November 1st, 2015, to January 31st, 2016). The clock’s ticking. It’s time to spin the wheel. But if don’t panic. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help. We know the health insurance game can be hard to play by yourself. That’s why our thousands of expert agents are ready, day and night, to answer your questions and guide you toward more affordable healthcare. If you need health insurance, give us a call. We can connect you with carriers who are providing federally subsidized plans to Ohio citizens and give you advice on the best options for you. Find out if you can save on your premiums and by how much. See whether you qualify for tax credits. Discover what kinds of benefits packages and prices are available to you, compare plans from multiple carriers, and pick the plan that fits you best—all at HealthMarkets. Let HealthMarkets help you win the game. Give us a call today.

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