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You’re sitting at the table with your partner. It’s after dinner, and there are still plates on the counter, but you’ve set aside your kitchen chores to tackle a more odious one (drum-roll, please): Doing The Budget. Ugh.

Does anyone like sitting down and running the numbers on all the bills? Maybe, but those people are few and far between. (For the record, if this describes you, we’d like to ask you over for dinner, and maybe have you do our budgets for dessert…any takers? No?)

But for most of us, this task must be done on our own. We look at the rent, the mortgage, the cell phone bill, the kids’ clothes and school books, the groceries ... and the cost of health insurance. Adding it all up can be overwhelming. That’s why HealthMarkets Insurance Agency would like to help.

Affordable Healthcare Plans with HealthMarkets

HealthMarkets offers a free matching service that will quickly and easily compare your personal requirements (here’s where that budget comes in) to policies from more than 180 national and regional insurance companies. We’ll help you find plans your family can afford, and we can even tell you if you qualify for government assistance that might make things even more affordable.

With HealthMarkets, healthcare plans don’t have to break the bank. When you get online or give us a call, we’ll ask you for some quick information about your budget and needs, then we’ll get to work. Affordable healthcare plans generally depend on three factors: your location, your income and your family size. We’ll talk to you about these issues and then help you browse thousands of plans (don’t worry, we’ll help narrow them down!) to find the one that works for you. So when you sit down to do that budget, be sure to factor in a phone call to HealthMarkets. Budgets can be tight; we help you find a little more room.


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