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Maybe your health insurance decision isn’t as important as some of life’s major questions. But it’s pretty important. If you’d called HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, we’d have told you something that may have made your decision seem more urgent: as of 2014, most Americans need to have basic medical healthcare coverage or risk paying a fine on their federal taxes. You really do need to sign up for health insurance to protect both yourself and your finances.


HealthMarkets Helps You with Every Step of Affordable Health Care Signup

If you’re still asking yourself whether to sign up for affordable healthcare, you might be intimidated by the process. Maybe you haven’t had health insurance for so long that you’re uncertain whether you need it or not. Or maybe you have a policy that only covers the bare minimums, but it’s cheap. You’re not sure whether switching would be in your best interest.

No matter your concern, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can ease your mind. We offer a free service that compares your health insurance needs with policies from more than 140 national and regional insurance companies. With competitive options and expert help at your fingertips, finding and signing up for affordable healthcare is easy. In a hurry? You can research different policies, get quotes, talk to our licensed agents, and apply for your policy all in one phone call. If you need to think carefully about your decision, call back as many times as you need to; we’ll keep guiding you through your choices until you’re comfortable with your decision.

So I Think I Want Affordable Healthcare. When Do I Sign Up?

If you want to purchase affordable healthcare, don’t wait any longer!  To get a health insurance policy that may offer you subsidies or other savings, you likely need to sign up for a plan during the Open Enrollment Period—the time during which most Americans will need to sign up for affordable healthcare. Sign up today with HealthMarkets.


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