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When looking for affordable healthcare insurance in Virginia, it is important to keep in mind specific facts about this state. 

Fun Facts About Virginia

  1. In Virginia, November is Oyster Month. Bet you didn’t know that, did you?
  2. Virginia houses the world’s only oyster museum. Man. Y’all are really into oysters.
  3. In Virginia, November is also the beginning of the Obamacare Open Enrollment Period.

 If you’re looking for affordable healthcare in Virginia, here are the facts.

What’s the Open Enrollment Period? Why Should I Care? What Could Possibly go Wrong?

If you want affordable healthcare in Virginia, you care a lot. Here’s how it works:

  • The federal government subsidizes some insurance plans. Depending on your income, household size, and other factors, you may qualify for one of these subsidies.
  • Subsidies save you money on your insurance premiums.
  • Most people need to apply for plans that include subsidies during a certain window of time called the Open Enrollment Period.

How do I Enroll in Affordable Healthcare?

Give HealthMarkets Insurance Agency a call. We carry more than 180 plans that include carriers across Virginia, so you’ll get a competitive range of options suited to your needs and budget. One of our thousands of licensed agents will help you understand the system, figure out whether you qualify for subsidies, and find a plan that fits you. Also, we’re fun to hang out with. No kidding. Come check us out on Facebook and see for yourself. 


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