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What makes for a good health insurance plan? Many Americans are trying to figure that out. With the rising cost of healthcare, and a penalty for not carrying proper coverage, many are rushing to find a health insurance plan that will ensure quality medical attention at a price they can afford. HMO plans are a popular choice because of their affordability, but they may be too restrictive for those looking to have care outside of a network. Want to know if this kind of plan will work for you? Below we explore what you need to know about affordable HMO insurance.

What is an HMO?

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. The biggest distinguishing factor of an HMO is probably the need to appoint a Primary Care Physician, or PCP. All your care is coordinated through this physician using in-network specialists and hospitals.

Say you are suffering from migraines; you would need to see your PCP first, who would attempt to treat or diagnose you. If this fails to be an option, he or she would then refer you to an in-network specialist. Some people like the idea of having one person oversee their medical attention. This may be because a PCP gets a comprehensive view of the person’s overall health and how certain conditions or issues may be contributing to other ailments.

The Cost

HMO medical insurance is so desirable to some because it is typically a good choice for budget-conscious consumers. Monthly premiums are cheaper than what you would see with a PPO or other type of plan. Many HMO plans have low copays and annual deductibles. Because HMO plans take advantage of bulk rates, prescription costs can be lower too.

Affordable HMO insurance can become less affordable when using doctors or treatment centers that are outside of the network. Generally speaking, HMO plans will not cover out-of-network care. If you are someone who favors a particular doctor outside of your network, or wants the flexibility to chose different providers, an HMO plan may be less suitable to your needs.

When choosing health insurance there is always going to be a bit of a tradeoff. No one plan has all the features and savings you might be looking for. But if you sit down and think about what matters most when it comes to your healthcare, you will be able to find a plan to satisfy your needs. HMO medical insurance offers some of the most affordable plans out there. Unfortunately, sticking with a primary care physician and staying in-network is the trade-off for savings.

How to Find an HMO Plan

The best way to get the most affordable HMO insurance is to work with a professional. HealthMarkets has over 3,000 licensed agents nationwide waiting to assist you. Unlike shopping for insurance on your own, we can offer personalized assistance to help you find the right plan at the right price—plus our service is free. Should an HMO not be the best fit, we can help you examine all your other options. We work with over 180 different companies and have thousands of plans to choose from. What you need to know about affordable HMO insurance can be found right here. Call HealthMarkets today at (855) 839-8126.


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