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Everyone knows that Florida oranges are juicy and delicious, but all that acidity may erode your tooth enamel. Make sure you and your family members are well-protected with dental insurance. Florida offers several options for those seeking coverage for dental services. While you’re researching dental insurance, Florida-based licensed agents with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency are ready to answer your questions. These knowledgeable professionals are just part of our network that consists of thousands of licensed agents in communities nationwide. We are proud to offer personalized assistance over the phone 24/7.

Finding Dental Insurance - Florida

The state of Florida participates in the Federal Exchange, or Health Insurance Marketplace. Citizens in Florida turned out in droves to create some of the highest enrollment numbers in the Federal Exchange during the first enrollment period. This tremendous rate of enrollment gave many Florida citizens access to healthcare, including dental insurance. Through the Federal Exchange, there are several ways for residents to access dental insurance. Florida provides these options for individuals and families with children. Here are some things to consider when shopping for dental insurance:

  • Some health insurance plans include dental coverage.
  • Standard plans with dental coverage will have one premium to pay.
  • If you purchase a stand-alone dental plan, you’ll pay a premium separate from your health insurance premium.
  • There is a difference for coverage between adults and children under 18. Insurance companies must offer dental coverage options to children (though you don’t have to buy it). They do not, however, need to offer coverage to adults.

Though the Affordable Care Act mandates that citizens acquire health insurance or pay a penalty, it does not require dental insurance. Florida citizens can choose whether or not they want to purchase dental coverage. Even though you’re not required, having dental insurance is a wise decision. It may help pay for expenses like preventive and diagnostic exams, preventive dental services, and restorative procedures.

Since 2010, HealthMarkets has helped enroll Americans in more than 4 million insurance policies. We can help you find the right dental insurance for your needs. When we asked Donna from Jasper, GA, about her experience with HealthMarkets, here’s what she said: “I purchased health and supplemental insurance and the experience was wonderful!” If you’re ready to start shopping for dental insurance or if you have any additional questions, contact us today.


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