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Health insurance for American families was made a national priority in 2010 when the healthcare bill known as the Affordable Care Act was passed. In addition to requiring most American families to have health insurance coverage, the healthcare bill also provided Americans with options for obtaining said health insurance. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has thousands of licensed, knowledgeable agents ready to help you discover the best option for your family’s health insurance needs. If you want to conduct some research before contacting us, we've offered some guidance in the questions below.


How do I find options for health insurance coverage?

While health insurance for American families is a complicated topic, there are plenty of relatively simple options available to help you find the right coverage. During Open Enrollment, you may use the Health Insurance Marketplace to find insurance options for your family. Many states have defaulted to the Federal Exchange, but some still have their own.

Are there any low cost health insurance options for my family?

Health insurance for American families does include a few standard low cost options for families with limited incomes. Children and teens may be eligible for CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Young adults, parents, pregnant women, and those with disabilities may be covered by Medicaid. To find out your family's eligibility, visit

What specific coverage should I look for in an insurance plan?

When you’re shopping for a health insurance plan, you should make sure that it covers a few standard medical costs that you’re family is likely to need. These include doctor visits, hospital and emergency care, immunizations for children, and coverage for prescriptions. Vision, dental, and hearing are additional medical costs to consider.

HealthMarkets understands that American families have unique needs for health insurance, and we have created a portfolio of products from more than 180 national and regional insurance companies. Just ask Nick from Intervale, NH, who said, “I needed clear, unbiased advice, and I got it from HealthMarkets.” To learn more about health insurance options for your family, find a licensed agent near you or contact HealthMarkets today.


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