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Buying health insurance is an important investment, and there are lots of options when it comes to purchasing health insurance in Indiana. Like other states, Indiana has a number of different insurance companies offering a variety of plans—and this can make it difficult for the average consumer to make a decision about what to buy.

Since the government has mandated that all Americans be insured or pay a fine, the deadline to purchase insurance will soon be here.

Now is the time to buy, and HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has licensed representatives that can help you understand your needs and the level of coverage available. You may be enrolled in one of four metal level plans that vary in the amount of coverage you receive based on the amount you pay in monthly premiums for it:

  • Bronze: Your insurance provider will cover 60% of your health care cost, leaving you to pay the remaining 40% out of pocket.
  • Silver: Your insurance provider will cover 70%, leaving you to pay the remaining 30%.
  • Gold: Your insurance provider will cover 80%, leaving you to pay the remaining 20%.
  • Platinum: Your insurance provider will cover 90%, leaving you to pay the remaining 10%.

If you are under 30 years, you may qualify for a fifth metal level plan, the catastrophe plan, which protect insurers for worst-case scenarios with relatively low monthly premiums.

Choose Your Health Insurance in Indiana with HealthMarkets

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency offers no-cost services for Indiana residents, including free rate comparisons with recognized insurance companies. This no-obligation service can help you understand things like copayments and deductibles, so you can get the most out of your health insurance. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can also help you understand the types of financial assistance for health insurance that are now available in Indiana. Those who qualify to receive a subsidy from the U.S. government can get funds to put towards the purchase. Contact HealthMarkets Insurance Agency for a free quote online or by phone at (800) 360-1402 today.


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