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Not all Louisiana residents are covered by employer-sponsored health insurance. Louisiana residents can use the help of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency to navigate Louisiana's health insurance marketplace where they can choose from bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans, based on their individual needs and budget.


There are five major insurance companies with hundreds of possible policies for the Louisiana resident, and finding the one that best meets your needs is easiest when you have a licensed health insurance agent from HealthMarkets Insurance Agency in your corner.

Buying The Right Health Insurance In Louisiana

Confusion can ensue when it comes to buying health insurance. Louisiana residents can choose from high-deductible plans with higher copayments that cost less per month, or they can opt for low-deductible, low-copayment plans that cost more per month—based on their current health situation and needs. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has helped enroll Americans in more than 1.1 million health insurance plans with the help of its educated network of more than 3,000 licensed insurance agents. Get your free quote online or via phone now.


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