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If you’re not sure exactly what a health insurance quote is, you’re not alone. The term can be confusing. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is here to help clarify the issue. A health insurance quote is a statement by an insurance agency about what health insurance coverage they can give you for a certain amount of money. In other words, you ask them about an insurance plan, and they give you a quote—an estimate of how much money the plan will cost you.

This amount of money is divided across several categories. The quote will usually include:

  • Your premium—the price of the policy
  • Your deductible—the amount you pay for your medical care before the insurance company starts helping you pay for claims
  • Your copay or coinsurance—the part of your medical bills you pay once the insurance company starts helping you pay for claims. Usually you’ll split the bill with your company; you’ll pay a copay, coinsurance, or both, and they’ll pay the rest.

So that’s what a health insurance quote means. Now, next question … how do you get one? 

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency gives you Fast, Free Health Insurance Quotes.

It's simple. Just go online to HealthMarkets, enter your zip code, and start using our free online health insurance quote tool. We’ll give you access to thousands of policies from more than 180 carriers across the country. You can compare quotes at your leisure, all online. Or, if you have more questions, you can call one of our thousands of licensed agents or even meet with an agent in person. Health insurance quotes: no memorization or research necessary. Just get online to get started finding the best quotes for your budget today.


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