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Researching coverage and then getting health insurance quotes during an enrollment period in Pennsylvania can take a while, and even when you get them you may not be sure what to do. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help clear up any confusion. One of our 3,000 licensed agents are here to assist you. Call today at (800) 827-9990.

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HealthMarkets Helps You Compare Health Insurance Quotes in Pennsylvania

A health insurance quote is a statement by an insurance agency about what health insurance coverage can be given for a certain amount of money.


The amount of money is split into multiple areas, including

  • The premium, or the price of the policy
  • The deductible, or the amount paid for the medical care before the instance company assists
  • The copay or coinsurance, or the part of the medical bills paid once the insurance company begins assisting with claims

Leave it to the Licensed Experts

Our free service will compare your coverage requirements, including your budget, with policies from more than 180 nationally recognized insurance companies. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency makes it easier to make a decision, even getting you the health insurance quotes in PA that you need. We’re here and ready to help, so call us today at (800) 360-1402.


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