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When it comes to protecting your family, health and life insurance go hand-in-hand. Both offer their own set of values and with a little research, you can discover the right health and life insurance policies for your needs. At HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, we have thousands of knowledgeable, licensed representatives who are eager to assist you in comparing health and life insurance plans.

 Insurance Plans: A Closer Look

Types of Health Insurance Plans include:

  • Health Maintenance Organization: HMOs may offer health services through a specific network of providers that may come with fewer options but are also less costly.
  • Preferred Provider Organization: PPOs may provide you with a little more flexibility than HMOs, but may cost more.
  • Point of Service: POS health insurance plans may provide a mix of benefits from HMOs and PPOs.
  • High-Deductible Health Plan: HDHPs may help you pay less each month because the deductible is higher. A Health Savings Account may be added to help with expenses. 

Types of Life Insurance Plans include:

  • Term life insurance plans: A term life plan may offer specific coverage for a set number of years for the same rate throughout its duration.
  • Whole life insurance plans: This type of plan may offer coverage for your entire life. While whole life insurance may be more expensive than term life, there might be more flexibility and a higher payout since it may have an investment component.
  • Universal life insurance plans: Universal life insurance also lasts your lifetime and may provide a higher payout since it builds cash value.
  • Final expense insurance plans: This type of plan is usually a whole life insurance policy and may be used to cover expenses like burial or cremation, a funeral service, and, in some cases, medical bills.

Knowing the types of health and life insurance plans available may help make shopping for coverage less stressful. HealthMarkets takes your insurance needs very seriously. Just ask Sue from Truckee, CA. Sue said, “My HealthMarkets agent explained the pros and cons of each policy in easy to understand terms. I was pleased with his follow up and the ease of getting all the paperwork done.” When you contact a licensed HealthMarkets agent, you can rest assured that all of your questions about health and life insurance will be answered. For more information, contact us today or find a licensed agent in your area.


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