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Whether you signed up for a plan during the official enrollment or special enrollment period, you can keep your reliable coverage when you re-enroll in a health plan for 2017. But don’t forget to check healthcare enrollment deadlines and update your information.

Re-Enrollment and Auto-Enrollment

The healthcare re-enrollment period will take place November 1, 2016 - January 31, 2017.  During the 2015 re-enrollment period, around 6.4 million Americans either chose a new health insurance plan or were re-enrolled automatically for an insurance plan through the federal marketplace. The enrollment included nearly 1.9 million new customers and 4.5 million re-enrollments.

Individuals and families may be eligible to sign up for auto-enrollment through their insurance provider. The Affordable Care Act’s consumer protections include “guaranteed renewal” of health insurance policies for individuals and employers who want to renew their policies. However, some plans from the previous year might not be available anymore.

While auto-enrollment might be convenient, consumers should explore a marketplace’s plan options for potential offerings that are a better fit for their needs.

Keeping Your Information Current is Vital

About 6 million people who enrolled in plans through the marketplaces in 2015 were eligible for premium tax credits based on reported incomes during enrollment. This fall, the marketplaces will re-determine premium tax credit eligibility. It is vital you make sure your information is correct with both the government and your current insurance plan, or you may receive the wrong subsidies and end up paying too much in 2017.

Your Plan’s Availability May Change

Even if you're completely satisfied with your current health insurance policy, your insurance provider may not have the same plan available to you when it’s time to re-enroll. That's why it's important to shop around to find plans that fit you and your family’s needs when the enrollment period opens.

An insurance agent can counsel you on health insurance plans for you and your family, even when that includes helping you find subsidies. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency understands how complex marketplaces can be, especially around the Open Enrollment Period. We can help you navigate healthcare re-enrollment and find policies that meet your coverage needs and budget.

We can compare thousands of policies for you and your family. Contact a local, licensed agent, or request a quote online today.




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