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Many consumers are left scratching their heads wondering if their plans will be automatically renewed under the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” when open enrollment begins. If you need help with the Obamacare auto-renewal process, the advice of a licensed health insurance agent can be beneficial. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can answer any questions you have regarding your existing insurance or purchasing a new plan. Our service comes at no cost to you and our helpful professionals are available around the clock to help you.

The U.S. government announced in the summer of 2014 that most people would be automatically renewed in the same plan, or a similar plan, if they didn’t opt out of auto renewal. The truth is that not everyone will be automatically renewed and it may be in your best interest to explore your options. Don't want to keep the same plan you had last year? Think that your subsidy qualification has changed? Open enrollment will give you a chance to make changes to your coverage beginning November 1, 2015.

Will Your Obamacare Policy Be Automatically Renewed?

Unless you opted out of your automatic renewal when you signed up for coverage, your policy will be automatically renewed. If you are satisfied with your existing coverage, you will probably not need to take any action. However, there are some reasons that you may want to revisit the health insurance marketplace during open enrollment, including:

  • Your eligibility information has changed. If you are newly married or divorced, had a baby, lost a job, started making more money or moved - you may need to review your eligibility to determine if you qualify for a subsidy.
  • Your plans premiums have changed. Many plans will see a change in premiums for 2016 – you may want to review your options to see if the plan you currently have still meets your budget.
  • You are unhappy with your existing coverage. Shopping for a new plan that is a better fit for you and your family can be a smart idea if your existing coverage doesn't meet your needs. With limited exceptions, open enrollment is the only time of the year when you can change your plan.

Let HealthMarkets Insurance Agency and a network of knowledgeable agents help you understand the auto-renewal process and the options that are available to you on the health insurance marketplace.


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