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To sign up for affordable healthcare, point and click. Right here, at HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. Use our free online tool, enter some information about your location, family size, and income, and find out whether you can receive affordable healthcare through policies subsidized by the Affordable Care Act. That’s all. Seriously. Unlike some questions, this one has an easy answer. You may be wondering about some more details, though, and we’re happy to provide them. Read on!

What is the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was intended for people just like you. When you sign up for a healthcare plan under the Affordable Care Act, you may receive federal aid that offsets the cost of your healthcare, depending on your income. You’ll also find policies based on four tiers of coverage that offer different options for premiums, copays, and deductible--some of which may fit your budget better than others.

To find out whether you can receive aid, how much you can receive, and which of the available policies could be right for you, it would be good to have some professional help. That’s us. HealthMarkets’ expert licensed agents are available by phone 24/7 to answer your questions. We can help sign you up for ACA-compliant  health insurance plans. You can’t sign up for a policy any old time, though—most people will need to sign up during the Obamacare Open Enrollment Period, which is now occurring. It’s a good idea to go ahead and get in touch with us.

What is the Open Enrollment Period?

An enrollment period is the time during which you are allowed to sign up for or make changes to a health insurance plan. If you want an affordable healthcare plan sponsored by the Affordable Care Act, you’ll probably need to sign up during the Obamacare Open Enrollment Period. The Obamacare Open Enrollment Period begins soon. If you don’t sign up for Obamacare during this period, you may not be able to do so again until next year.

That’s not always true, however. Some people who are in special circumstances may be able to sign up during different times. If you’ve missed the window, don’t panic—HealthMarkets may be able to help you figure out how to sign up.

What if I Can’t Afford a Policy Offered Through Obamacare?

There are other ways to receive affordable healthcare if you’re in especially low-income circumstances. State and federal programs like Medicaid may be able to help you. If so, HealthMarkets can tell you about them and point you in the right direction. Call anytime, 24/7, and let us answer some of your questions.


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