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With the continued rising cost of healthcare, many Americans want to know, “how much does health insurance cost per month?” There are several factors that impact how much a person might pay to get coverage for themselves or their immediate family members. Below we review some facts that influence the cost of insurance premiums and provide some tips for how best to face the dizzying array of choices.

The average health insurance cost per month differs based on demographics. Variables such as age, tobacco use, geographic location, and income impact cost. Young people tend to pay less than their older counterparts. And income determines whether or not a person looking to purchase health insurance qualifies for any government subsidies.

Questions to Ask

But there are several other things that need to be taken into account in order to determine how much health insurance costs per month. Before selecting a plan, it’s important to evaluate both your budget and the healthcare needs of your family. Concentrate on certain basics.  “What prescriptions do I need?” “Do I have any major healthcare concerns?” “Do I have any upcoming surgeries?” “Am I willing to change doctors or hospitals, if necessary?” And of course, “How much am I able to spend each month on healthcare?” Answering these questions will help you make decisions when it comes to how to balance out-of-pocket costs.

Get Familiar

Familiarize yourself with terms like coinsurance, copay, deductible, premium, and maximum out-of-pocket cost. And understand that health insurance plans are broken into metal tiers, with platinum plans having the highest premiums but the lowest out-of-pocket costs and bronze plans having the lowest premiums but the highest out-of-pocket costs.

But even when using these basic guidelines, the average health insurance cost per month can still vary greatly. Plans within the same metal level, offered in the same state, can have the same actuarial value but still have very different cost-sharing structures. For this reason, it is difficult to provide a standard answer when asked, “how much does health insurance cost per month?” Because there are so many variables affecting even what a person of the same age, living in the same state, might pay, it’s best to seek some personalized help, rather than rely on a generalized answer. While The Affordable Care Act has ensured that all health plans cover the same essential health benefits, how a plan covers them, and how much the plan will cost, will still be different.

Where to Get Help

There is one way to know for sure how much health insurance costs per month and that is to get a free quote. At HealthMarkets, getting help couldn’t be easier. We can provide quotes from companies available in your area so that you can find a great deal. And, we can help you determine if you qualify for additional savings through subsidies. Since we work independently of insurance companies and the government, we provide non-bias advice. HealthMarkets is here to support you with all of your health insurance needs.


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