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Knowing how to buy health insurance on your own can become a huge, time-consuming project. However, health insurance is mandatory for most by law. This means that most Americans must choose a plan or face expensive tax penalties. However, there is an easier way to find health insurance.

Having health insurance can make all the difference in the world. Instead of fearing a broken bone or a sickness that cannot be treated without antibiotics, having reliable health insurance means getting help as soon as it’s needed. So, what are your options when it comes to knowing how to buy health insurance on your own?

Buying Individual Health Insurance

Health insurance policies can seem like a complicated topic. There are several things to consider, such as premiums, deductibles, and networks. When you try to buy health insurance on your own, it can become an overwhelming experience. However, buying individual health insurance doesn’t mean you have to buy health insurance on your own. You could choose to have free council and assistance with a licensed insurance agent.

Buying Health Insurance on Your Own vs. With an Agent

If you choose to buy individual health insurance on your own, you will have to start with some research. First, what can you afford to spend per month in premiums? After determining your cost, you’ll have to find out what insurance companies are available in your area to offer those prices. Then, you may have to contact each insurance company for comparisons. Keep in mind that you are also comparing the deductibles, copays, and networks.

If you choose to buy health insurance through an insurance agency, you will first choose which method is most convenient for you: online, over the phone, or in person. Then, you can enter your information online or speak personally with an agent. The agent will be able to pull up plans in your area that are within your price range. Then, the agent can work with you in comparing the deductible, copays, and networks.

Let HealthMarkets Help You Choose

Don’t stress out when learning how to buy health insurance on your own. HealthMarkets insurance agents are available over the phone at (800) 360-1402 and local agents are available near you—plus, our service comes at no additional cost.

We have even created a user friendly way to compare health insurance quotes online. With a portfolio of over 180 insurance companies nationwide and thousands of trained insurance agents, we can help you find a plan that suits your budget and needs.


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