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That’s it, folks; you’re three steps away from affordable health insurance with HealthMarkets. Why? Well. That’s a whole other story. 

The Affordable Care Act

You’ve probably heard the term Obamacare, right? That term refers to the Affordable Care Act, a piece of legislation passed in 2010 that was intended to make healthcare more affordable for most Americans. The Affordable Care Act created four categories of healthcare insurance plan with specific, regulated premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

It mandated that health insurance companies cannot raise your rates or deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions, and it capped your out-of-pocket expenses. The ACA also created subsidies for families that meet certain low to middle-income requirements so that they could get some money back for their healthcare costs. All these measures were designed to make healthcare more affordable for you.

HealthMarkets and the ACA

The HealthMarkets system matches you with the policies that meet your needs and fulfill the ACA’s requirements. Your policy expenses will depend on three things: your location, income and household size. When you get online and go to HealthMarkets, we’ll ask you questions about these issues and then match you with a selection of policies based on your answers. Then you browse at your leisure.

HealthMarkets isn’t just a health insurance exchange, though—we also offer a wealth of information about the insurance industry, the ACA, how to get affordable health insurance, and a range of other issues. You can join us on Facebook or take a look at our blog to find out much more about getting affordable health insurance at your income and in your area. The HealthMarkets experts will help you become an expert on affordable health insurance.



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