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Not all health insurance policies come with dental insurance; however, dental coverage is an important part of your family’s overall healthcare plan.

If you’re ready to start shopping for supplemental dental insurance, the licensed, knowledgeable agents at HealthMarkets Insurance Agency are here to help you. We offer personalized assistance in person or over the phone.

Why is supplemental dental insurance worth purchasing?

Through a network of providers, supplemental dental insurance helps you pay for the costs of dental services. These plans may include services like exams, preventive services, restorative dental procedures, and diagnostic tests. Supplemental dental insurance helps make dental care more manageable for your budget.

What else should you know about supplemental dental insurance?

According to the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, insurance companies do not need to offer supplemental dental insurance plans to adults. They do, however, need to offer some dental coverage to children under the age of 18. You’re not required to purchase a plan for any family member, but that doesn’t mean it’s not smart to have dental coverage.

HealthMarkets understands unique insurance needs and has a portfolio of plans from more than 180 insurance companies nationwide. Donna from Jasper, GA, recently told us, “I purchased health and supplemental insurance, and the experience was wonderful!”

Let us help make the process of shopping for supplemental dental insurance just as wonderful for you. Find a licensed agent near you.




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