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California: land of fun and sun, vineyards, and ballot initiatives. You love living in your state, but you also know that Californians have unique health concerns. Finding the right individual health insurance to help you maintain your health to enjoy all the things you love about California requires careful consideration. Californians have many health insurance options. 

So, next question: how do you choose between them?

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency offers you options from over 180 insurance companies nationwide. When you talk to a licensed representative about your individual health insurance, you’ll talk through a series of questions designed to help you find a policy that suits your needs. You’ll need to discuss things like:

  • Your current care providers. They may or may not be covered under a given health plan, so it’s best to check.
  • Dependents under the age of 26. Children under 26 can still qualify as dependents under most health care plans. Your agent can make sure that’s the case for any plan you’re considering.
  • Chronic medical conditions. If you have a chronic condition, you’ll want to make sure that your plan can help you pay for your care. For instance, if you have chronic pain and respond well to physical therapy, you’ll want a plan that helps you cover those costs. If you take a lot of medications, you need a plan that has excellent prescription coverage.

Simply call HealthMarkets at (800) 827-9990 or contact a licensed agent near you in California. Your agent will talk with you about questions you may have. You’ll be guided through the decisions you need to make in order to obtain the best possible individual health insurance for your family. Let us cover the details, while you take care of the important things—like getting back out into that famous California sunshine. Enjoy!





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