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Having an infant is special in all sorts of ways. You’re elated and exhausted, happy and harried; your entire family wants to camp out in your living room, and a tiny person is constantly camped out on your chest. In short, you’ve got a lot going on.


Do I need to get my infant health insurance? The bad news: in the midst of the chaos, it’s still important to deal with details like getting your infant on your health insurance policy—or getting an insurance policy at all. The good news: your insurance company thinks your kid is just as special as you do. For the purposes of insurance, a birth is what’s called a qualifying event. If you’re trying to get your infant health insurance coverage, this term is important to understand.

What is a qualifying event? A qualifying event is a major life event that makes someone an exception to certain health insurance rules, particularly enrollment periods; these periods are the windows of time during which people are supposed to sign up for or change their healthcare plans.

Qualifying Events and Enrollment Periods

When you sign up for health insurance or change a policy that you already have, you do so in what’s called an enrollment period. Most policies also have an open enrollment period, sometimes called general enrollment. Open enrollment is the time during which policyholders can change their plans. With some plans, like those offered under the Affordable Care Act, everyone is required to sign up during the open enrollment period. Now comes the part that applies to you. Since birth is a qualifying event, you can change your current policy by adding your child or sign up for a new policy beyond the regular enrollment period. You’ll apply during what’s called a special enrollment period. That period often lasts for either 30 or 60 days after your infant’s birth. See? Everyone thinks the little one is special!

Having a baby? Be sure to learn more.

To find out the rules about your special enrollment period and get your infant health insurance, be sure to call your insurance company. If you don’t yet have an insurance company, talk to HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. We can help you compare plans from 200 different insurance carriers across the country, and we’ll help you look specifically at the benefits those plans will give you and your infant. Give us a call today. 



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