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Finding low-cost health insurance is key for many American families. With annual premiums expected to rise above $16,000 for an average family, insurance can take a large bite out of your budget without careful planning.

With the help of the HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, you can easily compare the costs and coverage of insurance plans from over 180 insurance companies nationwide.

Why Some Insurance Plans are More Expensive than Others

The price you pay for health insurance depends on the type of coverage you enroll in; and finding the best, low-cost health insurance can be complicated. Health insurance companies can determine costs from several factors:

  • Age—Older Americans face a higher cost for their policies.
  • Tobacco use—Some insurance companies increase policy costs for tobacco users.
  • Deductibles vs. premiums—In general, plans with lower monthly premiums will come with higher out-of-pocket expenses or narrower networks for doctors and hospitals.

Fortunately, you may be eligible for subsidies that decrease the cost of monthly health insurance premiums.

HealthMarkets agents can help you choose from many low-cost health insurance plans—at no cost to you. Our customers say the savings can be big deal. Daisy from Hanover, NH, said, “HealthMarkets found a plan that covered our needs and was hundreds less than our old plan.”

With thousands of licensed agents nationwide, HealthMarkets can help you make sense of PPOs, HMOs, metal levels, individual plans, and family plans. So if you need help navigating the complex world of health insurance, contact one of our licensed agents or call us at (800) 360-1402 today.




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