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There are so many health insurance options available: Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, among many many others. So with all of these choices, how can you find the exact right ones for you and your family? Insurance doesn't have to be daunting, so let us show you how to get the most out of Medicare Advantage in Alabama. 

Medicare Advantage – Alabama Guide to Coverage

Each month, Medicare pays a fixed amount to the company of your choice under Medicare Advantage if you are Medicare eligible. These plans pay for all Medicare services, including doctor's visits, costs of hospitalization, and even prescription drugs. Not all companies are created equally; some charge more than others and companies differ when it comes to the rules that enrollees must go by when obtaining services.

For instance, one plan may require you to have a referral to get the needed care you require from a specialist while others may not. Some plans may limit your access to non-emergency care. With an array of options out there, it can be difficult to choose the right plan under Medicare Advantage. Alabama residents are rightly confused, but there's help.

HealthMarkets Understands Medicare Advantage in Alabama

When it comes to Medicare Advantage, Alabama licensed agents are here to help the 881,886 Alabama residents who are eligible for Medicare find the right plan to cover needed services and prescriptions. Medicare Advantage in Alabama is affordable and can fit your budget. Licensed agents are available online, via phone and in person in HealthMarkets' network, to help you compare plans based on:

  • Monthly premiums
  • Deductible threshold that must be met
  • Copayment for services
  • Types of services available through the plan
  • Whether or not plans require you to see a network doctor
  • Whether or not plans pay all or part of the Medicare Part B premium
  • Extra benefits of the plans and whether you're charged for those benefits
  • Yearly limits for out-of-pocket costs

Of the Alabama residents receiving Medicare, 21.54% of them chose a Medicare Advantage plan over Original Medicare. It’s clear to see that there are benefits in opting for a Medicare Advantage plan. When reviewing Medicare Advantage, Alabama licensed HealthMarkets agents can help you understand the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for the plans that interest you. The EOC is confusing for some consumers, but our agents can decipher the lingo and help break down coverage details. Learn more about Medicare Advantage in Alabama now by contacting HealthMarkets Insurance Agency.



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