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If you're newly Medicare eligible in Colorado, you may be concerned about your coverage and unsure whether you should stick with Original Medicare or go for Medicare Advantage. Colorado HealthMarkets agents are ready to answer your questions about coverage and help you make an informed decision. Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurance companies instead of the Medicare program, and they are designed to bundle Parts A and B together into what is known as Part C coverage. Usually Part C Medicare Advantage in Colorado bundles prescription drug coverage or Part D Medicare together with Parts A and B. It is important to choose this coverage with care, however, since not all Medicare Advantage plans are created equally.


Did you know that 36% of those who were eligible for Medicare in Colorado chose a Medicare Advantage plan?  It’s no surprise given the perks under Medicare Advantage that more and more Colorado seniors and people with disabilities are exploring their options. Avoid the headache and get personalized service with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency when open enrollment begins. We may even be able to get you set up today if you qualify! Our service is free.

What to Look for in Medicare Advantage in Colorado

Before buying Medicare Advantage in Colorado, enrollees need to weigh the costs and benefits of the plans they're considering against Medicare Original while factoring in the cost of supplemental policies and prescription coverage that they may need in addition to basic Medicare. Some things to consider when weighing Medicare Advantage Colorado plans:

  • How much does the plan cost?
  • How much will you pay out of pocket for covered services?
  • Are you limited to a specific network of providers?
  • What other benefits are included in the plan?
  • Does the plan cover dental, hearing, and vision?

While many people who are eligible for Medicare stick with Original Medicare, weighing your options with a HealthMarkets licensed agent can help you see if you're actually benefitting from Medicare Original or if an Advantage plan will suit you best. We are available to provide personalized service around the clock via phone, online, and even in person with our network of licensed agents on hand to answer questions, review regional plans, and take a look at your situation to help you get the most out of Medicare Advantage Colorado plans.


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