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When it comes to Medicare, many of those people in Connecticut that are eligible for Medicare should look into Medicare Advantage. Connecticut licensed agents with HealthMarkets can help you figure out if Advantage plans are better than Original Medicare for your needs. The biggest difference in Original and Advantage plans is that a private company provides coverage for Medicare Advantage in Connecticut, while Original Medicare is part of the Medicare program.

Medicare Advantage – Connecticut Options to Consider

Everyone who becomes Medicare eligible is generally automatically signed up for Original Medicare unless they opt for Medicare advantage. 25% of folks in Connecticut who are eligible for Medicare chose a Medicare Advantage plan. Learn more about Medicare Advantage here and give HealthMarkets Insurance Agency a call today to get more extensive information on the topic. We can help get you set up when open enrollment begins - you might even qualify to enroll today!

What is Medicare Advantage in Connecticut?

Connecticut residents can choose Medicare Advantage plans that roll Parts A and B Medicare coverage into one plan, usually with Part D prescription drug coverage included. This can sometimes reduce costs for the enrollee and give them access to other benefits that Original Medicare doesn't offer, like hearing and vision care that makes eyeglasses, hearing aids, and even dentures more affordable for subscribers.

In Connecticut, there are several options when shopping for Medicare Advantage. Connecticut residents that are Medicare eligible can choose regional or national plans. When determining which plan is best for you under Medicare Advantage, Connecticut licensed agents suggest considering the plan's various features and comparing them to your needs. For example, what are the coinsurance requirements for the plan? Medicare coinsurance requires you to pay 20 percent, but many Advantage plans have a lower coinsurance. What is the out-of-pocket cap? The lower the figure, the less money you'll be out of pocket for covered services, and once you've met the threshold, services are covered 100 percent.

That’s a lot to take in and we get it. Discuss your needs today with a HealthMarkets agent and we will walk you through each option best suited to your needs. With more than 3,000 licensed agents in the HealthMarkets Insurance Agency network, getting the information you need is easy, and agents can help you compare plans with Medicare Advantage in Connecticut before you buy.



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