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Many people in Florida may not completely understand the many benefits that come from Medicare Advantage, and some may find Medicare Advantage equally as confusing as Original Medicare. In a nutshell, Medicare is made up of Medicare Part A, which is hospital insurance and Medicare Part B, which is medical insurance.

Did you know that 38% of Medicare-eligible Florida residents chose a Medicare Advantage plan over Original Medicare? Discover more about your Medicare options today with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. We can help answer any questions you have and get you set up before open enrollment begins.

Everyone who becomes Medicare eligible is enrolled in both Parts A and B with Original Medicare, although they don't get prescription drug coverage. With Medicare Advantage, Florida residents can choose to roll Parts A and B into one plan that also includes coverage for drugs. Medicare Advantage plans are known as Medicare Part C. If you buy a separate drug coverage policy to go with your Original Medicare, it is known as Part D coverage.

Which Is Best – Original or Medicare Advantage? Florida Residents Want To Know.

Medicare Advantage in Florida generally covers the same services that Original Medicare covers, but usually offers extended benefits for plan enrollees, including more plan options, vision, dental, and more. Since some Medicare Advantage plans are cheaper than Medicare Part B and Medicare supplement plans combined, many people save money by opting for Medicare Advantage. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help you decide which is right for you and compare the costs of each. We can also explain any benefits that you might be giving up by opting for a private plan when you're eligible for Medicare.

Plans within Medicare Advantage can vary. Some may cover dental and vision, while others may offer enhanced drug benefits, lower coinsurance, and other benefits. The key is comparing what you need to what is available, and it can help to have a licensed HealthMarkets representative on your side to help. Discuss your needs with HealthMarkets now to find the right Medicare Advantage plan for Florida residents.


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