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Many Medicare-eligible folks find that they can save money and get more from Medicare eligibility by enrolling in Medicare Advantage. Georgia HealthMarkets representatives can help you understand Medicare Advantage better. 

Medicare Advantage is also known as a Medicare Part C plan that covers both Part A and Part B in just one plan. As of 2014, 28% of Medicare eligible individuals in Georgia enrolled in Medicare Advantage. Learn more about what Medicare Advantage is and how it may benefit you here.

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More on Medicare Advantage in Georgia

Medicare Advantage in Georgia refers to any number of private Part C plans that are available from private insurers that replace Original Medicare Parts A and B. Part C can also include Medicare supplement plans, such as prescription drug coverage, dental, and vision.

Part C plans are not only convenient and let you get all of your coverage from just one source, but they also have the potential to cost less than the premiums you'd pay for Medicare supplement or Part D prescription coverage. Medicare Part D can be purchased, however, if a Medicare eligible enrollee decides to stay with Original Medicare.

There are other reasons that those eligible for Medicare may be better suited for Medicare Advantage in Georgia. Residents can sometimes get benefits that Original Medicare doesn't offer by taking out a Part C plan. For example, many dental, wellness, hearing and vision plans are offered by Medicare Advantage companies but not Original Medicare. The tradeoff is that many Part C plans limit the doctors that you can see, but generally offer a broad range of doctors and specialists to choose from.

Find out more about this type of Part C plan through Medicare Advantage. Licensed representatives in Georgia can help you understand the pros and cons of each plan to make an informed decision. Call us today at (800) 360-1402.


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