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If you are new to the Medicare program, no doubt you have questions about the benefits of Medicare Advantage. Idaho residents can turn to HealthMarkets agents via phone, the internet or in person to get the 4-1-1 on plans that fall under Part C Medicare coverage. Part C is a type of plan that is offered by private insurance companies and that bundles Parts A and B together, sometimes with Part D. Part A coverage is hospital insurance, Part B coverage is medical insurance and Part D coverage covers prescription drugs. As of 2014, 33% of Idaho residents enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

Learn more about the benefits of Medicare Advantage in time for open enrollment. HealthMarkets can even help you determine whether or not you qualify to enroll today. Our service is free of charge, so skip the hassle and let us help you today.

Why Should You Choose Medicare Advantage in Idaho?

There are a number of reasons why many people who are Medicare eligible opt for plans under Medicare Advantage. Idaho residents who forego Original Medicare can roll Medicare A and B and sometimes D into one bundle. Sometimes with added benefits to reap in the process. For example, many times, Medicare Advantage in Idaho provides:

  • Lower coinsurance or copayments. Across the board, those eligible for Medicare pay 20 percent less on coinsurance for covered services. Oftentimes Medicare Advantage features plans with lower copays and coinsurance, so you're out less money when you go to the doctor or specialist.
  • Cap on out-of-pocket payments. With Original Medicare, there's no cap on how much you may pay out of pocket in a given year, with Medicare Advantage there is. This can be a lifesaver if you have a catastrophic illness or are frequently seen by a doctor.
  • Benefits not available from Medicare. Hearing, vision and dental plans are sometimes available with Medicare Advantage in Idaho.

Let us help you understand the obscurity of Medicare, our HealthMarkets agents will help you compare the details to possibly save you some money on premiums and give you peace of mind.



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