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If you are newly eligible for Medicare, you may be wondering about enrolling in Medicare Advantage. Illinois licensed representatives can help you get the most out of your Medicare coverage. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has a network of 3,000 licensed representatives to help you find out if Medicare Advantage is right for you or if you should opt for Original Medicare.

As of 2014, 16% of Medicare eligible residents in Illinois opted for a Medicare Advantage plan. Learn about the benefits of Medicare Advantage here and how HealthMarkets Insurance Company can assist you in time for open enrollment.

What's the Difference in Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage – Illinois?

There are some marked differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Illinois residents are automatically enrolled in Original Medicare, although they have the option of enrolling in their chosen Medicare Advantage plan if so desired, we can help with that. Sometimes, Medicare Advantage is cheaper than Original Medicare and offers a slew of benefits that Original Medicare does not. Some benefits of Medicare Advantage in Illinois include:

  • Coverage for prescription drugs: With Original Medicare, you must buy your own Part D coverage, but most Medicare comes with Part D plans at no extra cost.
  • Coverage for vision, hearing, and dental plans: Original Medicare does not cover any dental work, vision, or hearing screenings. Some Medicare Advantage plans do.
  • Lower copayments and coinsurance: While not true of all Medicare Advantage plans in Illinois, many have lower coinsurance than traditional Medicare.

Many people find that Original Medicare is not the right choice for them because Medicare Advantage has so much to offer.

HealthMarkets representatives can help you understand the nuances and the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Illinois residents can contact HealthMarkets' expert staff of licensed representatives to get the advice they need and personalized service for their particular situation and healthcare needs. 

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