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If you're newly Medicare eligible, you may not know about Medicare Advantage. Kentucky residents can choose to go with Original Medicare or they can opt for a Part C plan known as Medicare Advantage, which is serviced by a private company instead of the Medicare program.

Nationwide, around 30% of all Medicare-eligible enrollees opt for Medicare Advantage in lieu of traditional Medicare, while around 24% of Kentucky's Medicare eligible residents opt for Medicare Advantage. As the population of seniors in Kentucky is expected to shift from 16.6% of the population to 26.2% by the year 2030, nearly 5 million Kentuckians will be eligible for Medicare. As your state’s population steadily increases over time, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and understand your options.

Which Should You Choose Medicare or Medicare Advantage in Kentucky?

While traditional Medicare is right for some folks, many people are better suited to Medicare Advantage. Keep in mind that if you choose to go with Original Medicare, you'll probably also need to buy a Medigap policy that covers services and occurrences that Medicare does not.

Some reasons Medicare Advantage may be right for you may include:

  • Medicare Advantage plans combine Parts A and B together into one plan.
  • Medicare Part D (prescription coverage) is included in some Medicare Advantage plans, depending on the policy you choose.
  • With Medicare Advantage in Kentucky, you get your coverage bundled together from one company without worrying about dealing with separate companies for supplemental or drug coverage, while enjoying a wide network of doctors and specialists.
  • Many Medicare Advantage plans cover services that Medicare does not, like wellness, vision, and dental.
  • The amount you'll pay for Medicare Advantage is oftentimes less than the total for Medigap and Part D drug coverage when you opt for Original Medicare.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help you understand the different plans that are available when you are considering Medicare Advantage in Kentucky. We can help you learn about which Medicare plan can be most cost-efficient for your health needs. Our licensed representatives are available to you to discuss your health needs.



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