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When it comes to Medicare, many people are rightly confused by the different plans available to those who are Medicare eligible, and you may be wondering if Medicare Advantage in Louisiana is your best bet. The truth is that many Louisianians can benefit from a plan with Medicare Advantage.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is ready to help you understand the Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans in your area so you can make the right choice in your health insurance plan.

What is Medicare Advantage in Louisiana?

Medicare Advantage Louisiana plans are simply bundled plans that roll both Part A and Part B (hospital and medical insurances) into one plan. Most of these Part C plans can also include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

Some reasons to consider Medicare Advantage in Louisiana include:

  • It can be more cost effective than the Original Medicare plan. With Medicare Advantage, Louisiana residents will only need to pay one premium for the total coverage, and in some cases, the overall cost is less than with Original Medicare. By understanding your own medical needs, you can determine if Part C is right for you.
  • It may come with added perks that Medicare does not offer in its Original format. For example, Original Medicare does not offer vision care, but some Part C plans offer help with paying for glasses and eye exams. Hearing care is sometimes also included along with dental coverage.
  • It may require less coinsurance. With Original Medicare, you pay 20% across the board as coinsurance, but that's not always true with Medicare Advantage. Louisiana residents should compare plans before choosing the right and most affordable options for their needs.

As of 2011— 193,368 Louisiana residents were enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. As the senior population is expected to increase over time, it’s important to understand your options now as demand increases. Understanding your needs is the job of your HealthMarkets licensed representative who understands Medicare Advantage in Louisiana deeply to find you more affordable coverage. Give us a call today at (800) 360-1402.



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