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With its many plans, benefits, and prescription drug plans, Medicare Advantage can be helpful as well as difficult to navigate.  We can cut through the complications and make finding the right plan for you easy, so let us show you how to get the coverage you need with Medicare Advantage in Maryland. 


Why Should You Choose Medicare Advantage in Maryland?

Most people who are Medicare eligible are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Collectively, these are known as Original Medicare. There are also Medicare Part D plans that cover prescription drugs. Medicare Part C is Medicare Advantage. Maryland residents opting for Medicare Part C can reap a range of benefits, depending on the plan chosen. Medicare Advantage plans can be particularly beneficial for those who:

  • Are taking a lot of prescription drugs. Because Original Medicare requires the purchase of a separate Part D plan, those who are eligible for Medicare often opt for Part C because the chosen plan usually pays for medications.
  • Have conditions that require frequent medical care. If you're a diabetic or have other chronic health conditions, you may benefit from the maximum out of pocket cap of $6,700 that is required by Medicare Advantage.
  • Need other services not covered by Medicare. Medicare does not pay for dental, vision, or hearing, but many Medicare Advantage plans do.
  • Are concerned about paying 20 percent out of pocket with Original Medicare. With some plans under Medicare Advantage, Maryland residents may pay nothing out of pocket or may pay less out of pocket.

Get help with Medicare Advantage in Maryland. Licensed agents are here to help you understand Medicare eligibility and Part C coverage.



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