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You may have heard about Medicare Advantage but are unsure if you qualify, but the truth is that if you are Medicare eligible, you can opt for Medicare Advantage. North Carolina is home to 1.3 million people who are enrolled in Medicare. Over 241,000 of those individuals receive their benefits via a Medicare Advantage plan. Many people may not be aware of what their options are when it comes to Medicare Advantage. North Carolina residents will be happy to know that HealthMarkets Insurance Agency licensed agents can help them learn the ins-and-outs of Medicare Advantage in North Carolina. 


Plans Under Medicare Advantage in North Carolina

The way that Medicare Advantage works is:

  • Each month, Medicare pays a fixed amount to the insurance carrier of your choice.
  • These are private providers who offer Medicare Advantage in North Carolina, and various plans are available that pay for all of Medicare’s services - including hospital visits, regular doctor appointments, and the cost of prescription medications.
  • Not all plans are created equal - some companies charge more for their services than others, and they will also differ when it comes to rules and regulations enrollees must adhere to when signing up for Medicare Advantage.
  • Medicare Advantage includes Part A and B (included in Original Medicare) and sometimes Part D.
  • Medicare Advantage is considered Part C.

North Carolina residents will be happy to know that HealthMarkets agents will go over these specifics and answer all questions they may have before enrolling them in any plan. There are many benefits to signing up for Medicare Advantage. North Carolina’s HealthMarkets features a network with thousands of licensed agents who can help you understand how Medicare Advantage works. They will help explain everything such as the cost of monthly premiums, copayments, and types of services available through the plan. Contact HealthMarkets today for help with your Medicare Advantage plan in NC.



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