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We all need health insurance, and find the best possible policy for you is a goal for many North Dakota families. So how can you get the most out of Medicare Advantage in North Dakota? By comparing policies and plans and finding the right option for you. We'll show you the way. 

Did you know that 15,128 residents in North Dakota opted for a Medicare Advantage plan over original Medicare in 2014? There are many reasons that Medicare Advantage plans can benefit Medicare enrollees, and there are lots of plans to choose from when you search for eligible Medicare Advantage programs in North Dakota.

HealthMarkets can help you understand what each plan offers and make recommendations about which will work best for you. Call HealthMarkets Insurance Agency and we will walk you through what you need in time for Medicare enrollment.

Should You Opt for Medicare Advantage in North Dakota?

When selecting Medicare Advantage, North Dakota residents should think about plans that offer them benefits above and beyond original Medicare. Generally speaking, you can probably benefit from a Medicare Advantage plan in North Dakota if:

  • You need prescription drug coverage. Most Medicare Advantage plans offer Part D prescription drug coverage as part of their benefits for members. This is not the case with Original Medicare. This means that your prescription drug coverage will not cost you an additional fee, so your costs are lowered. This can be particularly valuable if you have several medications that you take on a regular basis.
  • You have a chronic medical condition. There is a cap with Medicare Advantage plans when it comes to out-of-pocket costs. This is not so with traditional Medicare. If you have diabetes or other chronic conditions, you need a plan that limits how much you have to spend out-of-pocket.
  • You need special services. Dental, vision, and hearing services are covered with many Part C plans under Medicare Advantage. North Dakota enrollees can save a ton of cash on needed services by opting for this sort of plan.

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