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Medicare recipients may be interested in learning how Medicare Advantage works, as it provides them with more options when receiving their benefits. Medicare Advantage in Rhode Island is a popular topic of discussion among those seeking out health insurance coverage, and HealthMarkets can help explain exactly how it works.

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Understanding Medicare Advantage in Rhode Island

18% of Rhode Island’s population receives Medicare - of that 18%, 68,870 residents opted for a Medicare Advantage plan. As the population in Rhode Island increases, so does the amount of Medicare beneficiaries. With the added benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan over Original Medicare, it’s easy to understand why so many are switching to Medicare Advantage. Let HealthMarkets Insurance Agency help you find a great Medicare Advantage plan and answer any questions you may have at no additional cost to you.

Part C Medicare Advantage in Rhode Island

About Medicare Advantage:

  • With Medicare Advantage, Rhode Island Medicare recipients can choose to have their benefits distributed to a private third-party provider of their choice. This provider then in turn will offer the services that Original Medicare would have otherwise provided.
  • There are many options that need to be considered before enrolling in a plan, as each plan features different rules and regulations.
  • Some plans charge a higher premium than others, and some will only partially cover the Medicare Part B premium, while others will cover it in full. It’s important that you discuss these things when you speak to an agent about enrolling in Medicare Advantage.
  • You are still enrolled in the Medicare Program if you opt for Medicare Advantage.
  • Medicare Advantage includes Medicare Parts A and B, like Original Medicare - sometimes Part D is covered under Medicare Advantage.

Rhode Island licensed agents are on standby 24/7 to answer any questions you might have, as well as help you narrow down your options so you may enroll in the perfect plan based on your needs. Visit HealthMarkets online or give our agents a call today to learn how Medicare Advantage can benefit you.


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