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For those who are eligible for Medicare in the state of Tennessee, learning about Medicare Advantage is beneficial. Medicare Advantage in Tennessee provides options to Medicare recipients who are shopping for health insurance. Out of the 17% of the Medicare beneficiary population in Tennessee; 339,145 opted for a Medicare Advantage plan. This is no surprise with the added benefits of Medicare advantage.


 Let HealthMarkets Insurance Agency help you pick a Medicare Advantage plan. If you have any questions about Medicare Advantage, Tennessee residents can contact HealthMarkets. Our agents can be reached online, by phone or in person. They are experienced when it comes to deciphering the language in the health insurance marketplace. The HealthMarkets’ network is comprised of over 3,000 fully-trained and licensed agents who can be reached at anytime, day or night at your convenience whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding Medicare Advantage in Tennessee.

Advantages of Part C Medicare Advantage in Tennessee

  • When it comes to Medicare Advantage, Tennessee residents who receive Medicare can elect to receive their benefits courtesy of a private provider of their choice.
  • That health care provider then offers the services that Medicare would otherwise provide.
  • When you’re deciding on a Medicare Advantage plan, keep in mind that different plans have different features; for instance, some charge higher monthly premiums than others, and some will only partially cover the Medicare Part B premium while others will pay for it in full.
  • Like Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage includes parts A and B. Unlike Original Medicare, it sometimes includes Part D.
  • You are still enrolled in the Medicare Program if you opt for a Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Medicare Advantage cannot charge you more than Original Medicare for select health services such as chemotherapy.

It’s important to go over the various rules and regulations for each plan with your HealthMarkets licensed agent before enrolling in anything.  When it comes time to sign up for Medicare Advantage, Tennessee licensed agents can make the experience easy and painless. Our service comes at no cost to you! Our agents can be reached whenever it is convenient for you. If you don’t qualify for Medicare, then they will help you apply for subsidies that will help bring down the cost of your health insurance. Visit HealthMarkets online or give our agents a call to learn more about Medicare Advantage and how the right plan can benefit your specific medical needs.


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