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You have options when you’re eligible for Medicare, and Medicare Advantage in Wyoming is one of them. Many people are opting for Medicare Advantage (aka Part C). Did you know 15% of Wyoming’s total population are Medicare beneficiaries? Of that 15%, 1,954 residents of Wyoming residents chose to enroll in Medicare Advantage this year.

Plans Under Part C Medicare Advantage in Wyoming

 So, what is Medicare Advantage?

  • Medicare Advantage includes Parts A and B (hospital and medical) coverage, like Original Medicare.
  • It usually includes Part D, which is drug coverage. Original Medicare does not include Part D.
  • If you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage (or Medicare Part C), you are still enrolled in the Medicare program.
  • Medicare Advantage are plans offered by private insurers, funded by Medicare.
  • Wyoming residents and enrollees can enjoy a cap on out-of-pocket expenses with Medicare Advantage, so you don't have to worry about a catastrophic medical problem wiping out your savings or putting you in financial distress
  • Copayments are sometimes lower with Part C plans through Medicare Advantage.
  • Many times, the plans offered under Medicare Advantage in Wyoming offer benefits that original Medicare enrollees must pay extra for or do without, including coverage for vision, hearing, and dental – which is not included in Original Medicare.

How can I Enroll in Medicare Advantage in Wyoming?

HealthMarkets licensed agents are standing by day or night to help you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan. You may even qualify for special enrollment outside this period, so call today! HealthMarkets has a staff of 3,000 licensed agents with knowledge about the market, so rest assured that your questions are answered with accuracy and plans are researched with authority, both of which can help you get the most from Medicare Advantage in Wyoming.


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