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Medicare Part C coverage may be the right Medicare choice for you. Also known as a Medicare Advantage plan, Part C combines the coverage of Original Medicare and typically includes Part D to help you maximize your health benefits with one plan.

Who can enroll in Medicare Part C and how?

If you’re eligible for Medicare, then you may enroll in Medicare Part C coverage. Those who are eligible include seniors 65 and older and younger people with certain types of disabilities. You enroll in Medicare Part C through Medicare-approved private insurance companies.

What types of plans are offered through Medicare Part C coverage?

Medicare Part C includes coverage through Medicare HMO plans (Health Maintenance Organization plans), Medicare PPO plans (Preferred Provider Organization plans) and Medicare PFFS plans (Private Fee-for-Service plans). Each type of plan comes with its own features and benefits.

What does Medicare Part C coverage provide?

Medicare Part C coverage combines Medicare Parts A and B and generally covers the same benefits. These may include inpatient and outpatient hospital care, a stay in a skilled nursing facility, home health, some medical equipment, and physician services. Benefits may also include prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part C coverage may sound like the right choice for your healthcare needs. Let a licensed agent from HealthMarkets help you work through the details. We asked Charlie from LaCygne, Kansas, about his experience with finding the right Medicare Advantage plan. He said, “My HealthMarkets agent helped enroll us in a Medicare Advantage plan that has saved us money on our prescriptions and gave us peace of mind if we should need to go to the hospital or ER.”

Thousands of licensed agents at HealthMarkets in communities across the nation are ready to help you decide if Medicare Part C coverage is the right choice for you. We offer personalized assistance in person or over the phone at no additional cost.

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