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It’s finally time to look at your health insurance policy. You may need to cut down on expenses, or you may simply want to be included in a different network so that you can continue going to your childhood physician. Well, depending on the criteria you have before choosing the right health insurance plan, it could all be yours!

There are several health insurance plans out there, but finding the right health insurance plan is what matters. Amongst the myriad of plans, it’s easy to get discouraged. However, there are some simple methods involved in finding the optimal plan according to your personal needs. Consider these methods to narrow down the selection to choose the right one for you.

Monthly Premium

The premium amount of a health insurance plan is the amount of money that is paid per month, regardless of whether medical care or services have been rendered. This amount can vary according to individual plans and other factors. People need to consider whether the monthly premium is within their budget.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Another cost to consider is the out-of-pocket expense. This is the amount that will be paid for medical services rendered. Choosing a higher out-of-pocket expense may help with lowering the monthly premium amount. However, for people or families that need to make frequent visits to the doctor’s office, choosing the right health insurance plan with a lower out-of-pocket expense may be wise.

Network of Providers

Each insurance plan has a network of providers. They include specific laboratories, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and imaging centers. Each network of providers has contracts with insurance companies, which sets forth the amount they agree to charge plan members for services. If a family is used to seeing a particular doctor, choosing the right health insurance plan within that doctor’s network is advisable.

Choosing the right health insurance plan begins with offering you several providers to choose from according to your personal needs. Knowledgeable agents are ready to assist you. HealthMarkets has helped people to obtain 2 million plans. Give us a call at (800) 360-1402 to find an agent or get a quote for the right health insurance plan.

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