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Your physician or insurer may want you to utilize step therapy for your medical prescriptions. If so, you’ll want to understand what “step therapy” is and determine whether or not you will pursue this recommendation.

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Step therapy is an approach to prescriptions. Your doctor will initiate treatment with the most cost-effective and least risky drug therapy for a given medical condition. Based on the results of that drug, your physician may recommend riskier or more costly medications. Medical professionals practice this method to help control the costs and risks of prescription drugs.

The Pros and Cons of Step Therapy


  • Explores alternative drug therapies
  • Helps keep costs down
  • Helps keep risks to a minimum


  • May expose patient unnecessary or inefficient therapies
  • Will increase costs of prescribed drugs
  • May increase frustration, non-compliance, or self-medication

Your health insurance coverage will play a big role if step therapy is recommended for you, so make sure you have the right coverage for your needs. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency wants to help you, just like we helped Kathy from Oak Hills, CA, who said she was very “happy to have been presented with affordable medical insurance that fits my needs.” We are a business that is proud to help our customers by making insurance shopping easy, so they can focus on the important things in life. Since 2010, we have helped Americans enroll in more than 4 million insurance policies, and we want to help you too. Find an agent in your area today to get started.


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