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Do I need health insurance in college? It’s highly likely that you need student health insurance. California, like all other states, is subject to the terms of the Affordable Care Act, which mandates that most Americans have “minimum essential” health insurance. If you’re a college student, this means you. Also, many colleges require students to carry health insurance.


You have several different insurance options at your disposal. The ACA also mandated that kids under the age of 26 be able to stay on their parents’ insurance policies, so you may not need to worry about acquiring new insurance at all. If you are policy shopping, you have two primary options at your disposal: you could choose an insurance plan sponsored by your school, or you could shop for individual health insurance aimed specifically at students. Student Health Insurance in California Universities Many California colleges and universities have student-sponsored health plans that meet the minimum essential health insurance requirements of the ACA. If you attend a University of California school, for instance, you may be eligible for SHIP, or the UC Student Health Insurance Program. These plans are tailored to student needs; you may have access to dental and vision care, mental health care, and other elements of comprehensive healthcare plans. Like most student health insurance plans, SHIP likely will not exclude you for preexisting conditions. You’ll have premiums, copays, and deductibles designed with college kids in mind.

Student Health Insurance at HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

You may also want to purchase a private plan that’s different from your university-sponsored options. That’s where HealthMarkets can help. At HealthMarkets, we offer individual insurance plans tailored to every need, including your needs as a student. Whether you’re looking for lower monthly premiums or better medicinal drug coverage, you’ll find it; we offer policies from more than 180 national and regional insurance companies. Your future is wide open, and with HealthMarkets, so are your insurance options.


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