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Open enrollment is close at hand. Whether you selected auto renewal through the marketplace or not, you may be hit with a rate increase that you didn't see coming. Premiums are expected to go up across the board on most policies. You should be prepared to shop for a plan that suits your needs if you want to keep paying the same amount out of pocket.

Even if your subsidy hasn’t changed, you may still have to pay more for your insurance after open enrollment if your insurer raises their rates. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency will be ready to field any questions regarding your health care options - including auto renewal, for open enrollment. 

Tips For Understanding Your Insurance Policy

  • Review your coverage. Don’t assume your current plan has the right coverage for the upcoming year.
  • Review subsidy eligibility. If your circumstances have changed since you applied for coverage, you may not longer be eligible. Inversely, if your income is less than it was previously or if your family size has changed since you became eligible for a subsidy, your subsidy amount may have gone up.
  • Shop for a new plan. If you’re unhappy with your coverage, consider changing your plan during the next Open Enrollment Period. 

For additional assistance in comparing plans and determining which policy is the best for your particular needs, visit HealthMarkets Insurance Agency online or in person, or talk to HealthMarkets knowledgeable professionals around the clock 24/7 for free personalized advice. Call us today!


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