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I grew up in Lakewood CA the oldest of 3, my Father a decorated Marine Officer that served as an Orange County Sheriff before signing on as a Sea Stores Executive in the L.A./San Pedro & Long Beach Harbors, and my Mother a long time Sunday School Teacher and business woman .. I am a roud Father of 2 great Sons that are now grown men, a sports fan, musician, and I was an Eagle Scout & Jr. Scoutmaster and avid Health Nut and Fitness advocate .. and a few years ago, I also became a Grandfather :-) I graduated Valedictorian at CA Paramedical College in Long Beach earning one of the top 5 GPA's in the 15 years of the Associates of Science Cardio Pulmonary Sciences program I attended .. After serving a 20 year tenure as a Respiratory Therapist cross trained in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit/Trauma(Emergency Room,)/Open Heart Assist/Air Evac and many others, I looked back over my 20 years and realized the amount of financial devastation that so many people sustained with as little as just one medical event in their lives .. I was inspired to the point of deciding that instead of going to work at the hospital every day and "waiting" for the next victim to roll in so I can "help" them AFTER the damage has been done, I decided a career change was in order for me .. At some point or another in life, the chances are that we will sustain an injury or illness of some kind, and when those moments occur, it is vitally important that we are prepared financially .. and if the unthinkable happens as a result of that moment, not a one of us has any desire to leave our spouses and loved ones, with the burden of debt and after death costs. I can help you to arrange all of your financial affairs In Advance so that you can be remembered the way you really want to be, and not the way you are forced to be due to a lack of funds .. it's too late to prepare for the unthinkable after we're gone .. So I decided that I would Help people BEFORE they sustain such losses .. If I can Help People Secure their Financial Future by getting them the Coverage and Benefits they need in order to protect themselves from financial loss sustained as a result of an injury and/or illness, then that is a profession that is a noble one .. HealthMarkets was my choice to help me help the customers.

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