At HealthMarkets, we pride ourselves on treating our customers well and consistently delivering on our promise to provide the most convenient ways to obtain the best possible health insurance protection at the lowest possible price. When we provide you with service, don’t be shy! Share your HealthMarkets reviews on Facebook!

HealthMarkets in a nut shell

With thousands of health plans available from over 200 insurance companies nationwide, plus the ability to help you obtain government subsidies to lower the monthly premium cost of insurance, HealthMarkets is one of the nation’s leading independent health insurance marketplaces. By combining convenience, choice, and counsel, HealthMarkets has helped enroll Americans in over 4 million policies.

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  1. Go to the HealthMarkets Facebook page
  2. Go to the Reviews section on the left side of the page’s Timeline
  3. Click the gray stars to choose a rating and write a review
  4. Select who you’d like to share your review with
  5. Click Done

To make sure we’re meeting the high standards we set for ourselves as a company, we are always looking for customer feedback in the form of HealthMarkets reviews. We’re fortunate that the Better Business Bureau provided us with an A+ rating for their HealthMarkets review. And, we couldn’t thank enough the 4,000+ customers surveyed1, who gave us a 95% customer satisfaction rating for their HealthMarkets reviews.

But, we’re a glutton for feedback. And we like our feedback made publicly. Don’t get us wrong. Shouting from the rooftop of your house about your appreciation for HealthMarkets warms our hearts, but we’d much prefer that you proclaim your feelings on social media. A well known, easy to use place to share your HealthMarkets reviews is Facebook!

So, if you have a Facebook account (we’re looking at you … everyone), and you have a few minutes to spare, tell us what you think of your experiences with us by writing HealthMarkets reviews!

Oh! In case you didn’t hear us shouting back from our rooftop, we love you back!



1 Telephone survey to assess the satisfaction of customers and prospects in a survey population of 5745 participants. April 9-15 of 2014.

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