Write HealthMarkets reviews with Google+At HealthMarkets, we love helping you find the Medicare or health insurance plan that suits you. Absolutely LOVE it! Nothing feels better than using our comprehensive knowledge to search the thousands of plans we offer to find that perfect fit for the perfect customer. Because we care about our customers’ experiences, we are always looking for your feedback. When we hear your HealthMarkets reviews, it’s an encouraging boost and pushes us to give you even better service.

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We understand that good insurance coverage is the key to making sure you get the health care you deserve … and to protect your pocketbook in the process. To provide you with the most convenient experience, we’re available online, over the phone 24/7, and in-person through one of our 3,000+ local agents. Our agents strive to help you find a plan with the doctors, medication coverage, and financial subsidies that suit you. That’s just what we do.

How to write a Google+ Review

  1. Log into your Google+ account and go to the HealthMarkets Google+ page
  2. Click the Write a Review button next to the cover photo
  3. Rate HealthMarkets with the 5 star scale and write your review
  4. Click Publish
  5. To share, click the right arrow button at the bottom of the review, choose who you would like to share your review with, and click Share

Review HealthMarkets today

While we live and breathe Medicare and health insurance, we also know that our customers are our best resource. We rely on our customers HealthMarkets reviews to keep us on our game and propel us further.

Lucky for us, our reviews have been stellar. The Better Business Bureau gave us an A+ rating for their HealthMarkets review. And, when we surveyed over 4,000 people who purchased Obamacare plans through us, they gave us a 95% customer rating for their HealthMarkets reviews! But, we’re not satisfied. We want to hear even more from our customers.

We love receiving letters in the electronic, postal, or owl postage variety (the Harry Potter kind), but we also like to see your feedback on social media. For example, Google+ provides a great platform to write HealthMarkets reviews. If you’re into Google+, and you’re available to provide us with HealthMarkets reviews, we’ll take them! When you’re writing your review, tell us what you think of our services, give a personal experience, or talk about your local agent!

From the HealthMarkets team to you, thank you for giving us the pleasure of serving you.


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